Blooming Introspection


Wellington Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition entitled "Blooming Introspection" that will be shown from February 27 to March 7, 2019 at our Hong Kong space. The exhibition will showcase works by contemporary Chinese artists Chen Yu (b. 1969), Han Shihua (b.1970) and Liu Yujun (b.1963).

Blooming Introspection is constructed as a thought-provoking experience intending to restore the ontological status as human beings in contemporary Chinese art. The entire mode of negating Individualism in the aftermath of Gang of Four following Deng Xiaoping's Open Door Policy in the late 1970s caused the bewilderment and self-consciousness in mainland China. Artists Chen Yu (b.1969), Han Shihua (b.1970) and Liu Yujun (b.1963) have been playing an active role in resolving the spiritual deterioration, producing works that are truly humanistic, social and fostering intellectual civilisation.

Transcendence in the figurative patterns of Blooming Introspection manifests the combination of sincerity and prowess injected by these three artists, their series seek to shake people's soul and invite viewers to have an intimate conversation with themselves.

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