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Tenth Eonian Initiative



Val, a masterly manipulator of bronze, plays with the surface of  sculptures to create drastic contrasts between fluid lines and rough textures.  The result is a delicate harmony, matched by a strong composition.  Every composition has its magical power to transcend language, place, time and culture, addressing wider human existence and the raw forms of nature.   

In late 2015, she was invited to collaborate with the renowned Venetian glass master ARS Murano.  After several attempts, the result was unique and beautiful: a marriage of bronze and glass, where space and light combined to add extra dimensions to her work.  

For this final collection, Val chose a somewhat unusal name:  Tenth Eonian Initiative, an anagram of “The Venetian Initiation”, a term with mystical and theosophist undertones.  This may sound slightly obscure at first but it resonates on many levels.  “Tenth” because over the years, Val had experimented with various materials and in fact had worked with the following nine:  clay, wax, bronze, iron, stainless steel, concrete, coral, light and vegetal material.  “Eonian” captures the essence of glass, a substance that is created in fire and heat, eternal and unending.  “Initiative” a new direction and undertaking, attacking a new challenge.  

We are pleased to invite you to revel in this wonderful collection perfectly embodying the epitome of her legacy. 

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