Artist Bio

(b. 1977, SPAIN)

Javier lives and works in Seville, Spain. He studied at the School of Arts in Seville and a postgraduate at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  His works have participated in several biennales including de Biennial Paper of Contemporary Art at the Rijswijk Museum in Holland.  Currently living and working between Seville and Madrid, he has exhibited primarily in Spain, Portugal and Holland. 

In a sculpting-like manner he reproduces his forms with meticulous dots - using a syringe (a simple unit of minimal expression), like counting each strand of fabric, he 'weaves' the clothes with painted dots - playing between dot and shape. The clothes that were considered dead reincarnate upon being granted with new life.

Javier’s monochromatic abstract landscapes undulate with rhizomatic movement. In his three-dimensional works, small elements of carefully folded Japanese paper interweave with each other tracing a dance, drawing the viewer into a parallel reality. As with poetry, the message is implicit, it points to a new place that opens up new possibilities.  In his paintings, drawings and sculptural paper works, the almost obsessive detailed process, and eternal repetition of small elements that cover the surface, act as a mantra, a sacred formula and deeply personal ritual for the artist. For the viewer, the first impact of the powerful colours or monochromatic pallet combined with the tactile oil, graphite or ink textures slowly move into a full aesthetic sensory experience. The eyes explore the surface and discover differences in density, quantity, as well as the games of light and shadow.        

In his series "Solaris", the name of the enigmatic science fiction planet, the swirls of the works pull us in.  In the science fiction novel, the interaction of the human presence with the planet increased its mass, thereby gravitationally pulling teh space station. Such is the strength of the viewer's feedings when faced with the work. 

Chen Lianqing



2011 Master in Art – Creation and Research, MAC+I, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain Complutense de Madrid, SPAIN
2007 BA in Fine Arts, specialized in painting, Facultad de Sta. Isabel de Hungría, Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, SPAIN
2001 Applied Arts, specialization in Adversting Art, Escuela de Artes y Oficios Artísticos de Sevilla, Seville, SPAIN




2015 Horarium, Puerta Roja, HONG KONG 
2014 Origen, Trema Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
2011 Warp & Silence, Galería Trema, Lisboa y Galeria Paços, Cámara Municipal de Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL
2009 Secret Garden, Galeria Trema, Lisbon, PORTUGAL



2016 Anamnesis: the reasoned doubt, Puerta Roja, HONG KONG
Navigation. Puerta Roja, HONG KONG
2014 Art Taipei, Puerta Roja, TAIPEI
KIAF, Puerta Roja, Seoul, KOREA
Art Jakarta, Puerta Roja, Jakarta, INDONESIA 
Cruce de caminos, Victor López. Galería, Barcelona, SPAIN 
Recollective 3, Puerta Roja, HONG KONG
PLAN RENOVE, Curator Sema D`Costa,
Pumarejo Exhibition Hall, Seville, SPAIN
2013 Abstractionism, Curator Juan F. Lacomba, Ayto de Tomares Exhibition Hall. Seville, SPAIN
Swab 2013, Contemporary Art Fair, SPAIN
Stand Galería AJG, Barcelona, SPAIN
Espejismos, Galería AJG, Seville, SPAIN



2011 Selection, Painting Award 2011 (Parlamento de la Rioja, Logroño), SPAIN
2010 Selection, Young Award MÁLAGA CREA (City Council Málaga), SPAIN



La Caixa Foundation and DEARTE
Prominent collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Korea.