Beauty With Nothing At All 2
Marble, H42 x W37 x D35 cm
White Marble, H24 x W70 x D22 cm
Marble, H47 x W34 x D33 cm
Marble, H47.5 x W38.5 x D33 cm
Marble, H46.5 x W38.5 x D33 cm
A Relaxing Afternoon
Marble, W45 x D31 x H32 cm
Stainless Steel. H99 x W99 x D43.5 cm, 39 kg
Energy Pose (Human Figure)
Bronze, H134.5 x W64 x D102 cm
Monumental Kung Fu Kick
Bronze, H206 x W178 x D114 cm
Rising Clouds (M)
Bronze, H75 x W45 x D35 cm
Mr. M
Bronze, H50 x W38 x D38 cm
Head Down Pose (Table Size)
Bronze, H64 x W53 x D46 cm
Buddha Pose (Table Size)
Bronze, H28 x W62 x D30 cm
Tree Pose (Human Figure)
Bronze, H160 x W60 x D48 cm
Lifting No. 3
Bronze, H50 x W90 x D43cm
Lifting No.2
Bronze, H41 x W108 x D50 cm
Kung Fu - Focus
Bronze, H97 x W25 x D25 cm
Mini Kung Fu - Against
Bronze, Diameter 36 x H28 x W35 cm
Mini Kung Fu - Forward
Bronze, Diameter 32 x H31 x W37 cm
Mini Kung Fu - Combat
Bronze, H23 x W32 x D25 cm
Mini Kung Fu - Kick
Bronze, H20 x W32 x D30 cm
Mini Kung Fu - Set of 4
Mini Yoga 9 Head Down Pose
Bronze, H29.5 x W19 x D24 cm
Face Up Pose
Bronze, H25.5 x W27 x D15.5 cm
Buddha Pose
Bronze, H13.5 x W32.5 x D14.5 cm
Twisting Pose
Bronze, H20 x W21.5 x D15 cm
Triangle Pose
Bronze, H31 x W29 x D16.5 cm
Child Pose
Bronze, H7.5 x W36.5 x D26.5 cm
Uplifting Pose
Bronze, H18.5 x W19.5 x D15.5 cm
Mini Yoga 2 Tree Pose
Bronze, H37 x W16.5 x D11 cm
Energy Pose
Bronze, H30.5 x W17.5 x D26.5 cm
Mini Yoga (set of 9)
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