Lee Kwang Ho

(b. 1967, South Korea)

Artist Lee Kwang-Ho is a significant artist dedicated to hyperrealism paintings. He takes everyday life as his subject matters, intends to transform their forms into his unique artistic interpretation. Although realist paintings are always regarded as a laborious task, his reconstructed reality is immersive that it draws audience to his gigantic setting. 

B.F.A. in Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University
M.F.A. in Printmaking, Department of Fine Arts, Graduate School, S.N.U. 

2017  Art Stage Jakarta, Johyun Gallery, Jarkarta, INDONESIA
2017  Art Central, Johyun Gallery, HONG KONG

2016  Art Central, Johyun Gallery, HONG KONG
2016  "Nature, It Is In There", Museum San, Wonju, SOUTH KOREA

2015  "Same Difference", Space BM, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2015  "Korea Tomorrow 2015", Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2015  "Hear It", Gallery Mark, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2015  Christie's Asian Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Convention & ExhibitionCentre, HONG KONG
2015  "Stranger Seen Through Inward Eye", Gallery Lux, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2015  "Illusion and Fantasy", National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2014  "Royal Jelly", Gallery Royal, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2013  "Trace of Korean Contemporary Art", Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2013  "Residing in Private Places", Atelier Aki, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2013  "Manifestation", LIG Art Space, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2013  "AMMA UMMA!", India International Centre, New Dehli, INDIA
2013  "Maid in Hands", gallery Sein, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2013  "Dialogue in The Moonlight", JOhyun Gallery, Busan, SOUTH KOREA

2012  "Korean Eye", Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2012  "Chae Yong Sin and Korean Portraits - Ideals and Illusions", Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonbuk, SOUTH KOREA
2012  "Manner in Korean Paintings", Hite Collection, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2012  "Shift", Johyun Gallery, Busan, SOUTH KOREA

2011  The Seoul Art Exhibition 2011, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA 
2011  "Abstract it!", National Museum of Art Deoksugung, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2011  "Seekers of the Future of Memories", Gana Art Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2011  "Fiction & Nonfiction", Interalia, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2011  "Shift", Johyun Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2010  "Defense Mechanism", TN Gallery, Bajing CHINA
2010  "Why Korea Contemporary Art Now", Biennale + One, Space Zoo, Kwangju, SOUTH KOREA
2010  "The Lamp of The East, Atelier Aki", Seoul & Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, INDIA
2010  "Shift", Johyun Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2010  "Busan Biennale - Now Asian Artist", Citizen Hall, Busan, SOUTH KOREA
2010  "Hyperrealism Painters", Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, SOUTH KOREA
2010  "Touch", Kukje Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2009  Prague Biennale, Praguem CZECH REPUBLIC
2009  "Non Landscape Landscape", Pocheon Art Valley, Pocheon, SOUTH KOREA

2008  "Reality - Portraits", Zaha Museum, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2008  "Beyond Definition: Still-life, Portrait, Landscape, Interalia", Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2008  "Fifty-Five Contemporary Artists", Soeul Arts Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2008  "Reality in Contemporary Art, Cyart Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2007  "Video Killed The Paintings Star", Domus Artium 2002 Salamanca, SPAIN
2007  "Korean Reality & Spirit", Cyart Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "WIndow and Light", Insa Art Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "Context and Figure", Daewon Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "On Painting", Kukje Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "A Complex", Sunggok Art Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "Con-Terminal", National Museum of Contemporary Art, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "Charge Your Imagination", Gyunggi Museum of Art, Ansan, SOUTH KOREA
2007  "Where Euclid Walked", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2006  The Armory Show, New York, USA
2006  China International Gallery Exposition 2006, Beijing, CHINA
2006  Korea International Art Fair 2006, KOEX, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2006  "Inter-View", Changdong Art Sutdio, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2006  "Figures in Landscape", gallery The New Gate East, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2006  Selected Artist Exhibition for the III Edition of The Castellon County Council International Painting Prize, Castellon, SPAIN

2005  "Ryu Yong Moon, Lee Kwang Ho", Gallery Space Sadi, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2005  The Third Gyeonggi Art Fair, Suwon Art Gallery, Suwon, SOUTH KOREA

2004  "Seam", Gallery Myart, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2003  "The VOid of Representation", Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, SOUTH KOREA
2003  "Trick", Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2003  "Family". Gallery Shinsegae, Incheon, SOUTH KOREA
2003  "Paintings with Annotations", Gallery Korea Electric Power Corporation, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2002  "The Spy", gallery Indeco, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2002  "One Thousand Eyes, One Thousand Ways", gallery Dukwon, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2002  Korean Young Artists Biennale 2002, Gallery of Daedu Culture Centerm Daegu, SOUTH KOREA
2002  Korean Association of Figure Paintings Artists, Gallery Modern, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2001  "Young Creation - Seeing, Being Seen", Gallery of Sejong Culture Center, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

2000  "Paintings for Nurturing The Intelligence", Gallery Sabina, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

1999  "Painting/ Picture", Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

1998  "The Art of Painting", gallery Dukwon, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

1997  "Inter-View", Gallery Dukwon, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

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