Jeannie Petyarre


(b. 1951, AUSTRALIA)


Jeannie was born in 1951 to a family of well-known artists is Altneltyeye-Boundary Bore Outstation, Australia. She speaks Anmatyerre of the Anmatyerre tribe in the area of Utopic, Alice Springs-Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA. She is the younger sister of the well known Gloria Petyarre, Kathleen Petyarre, Ada Bird Petyarre, Violet Petyarre, Myrtle Petyarre and Nancy Petyarre. Jeannie is also, a niece of the great Emily Kame Kngwarreye, sister of Rosemary Petyarre and half sister of Evelyn Pultara (2005 Telstra Award winner) and Greeny Purvis Petyarre, who passed away in 2010.


Jeannie started painting batik work in the eighties, with desert desing on silk and cotton. She paints leaves like her sister Gloria Petyarre, but also Bush Medicine Dreaming, Bush Peanut Dreaming, Mountain Devil Lizard (arnkerrthe) Dreaming, Yam Seed Dreaming, she is known for the use of vibrant colours.




Learnt from artists within the family, especially her Aunt, the famous Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

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