Eric Djorlom


(b. 1966, AUSTRALIA)


Eric Djorlom is the son of the famous Yirawala, called the “ Picasso of Arnhemland”, whose works hang in all major museums worldwide. He belongs to the Naborn clan in the area of Marrkolidjban, and speaks Kunwinjku of Mayali. He resides in the bush at Gumbalanya, where he is married with several children.


Eric inherited his father’s painting style -traditional called "Raark"-, technique, stories and mythology. Using natural ochres on hand-made paper, this painting depicts a male Mini Spirit: the subject is surrounded by hunting instruments, including spears, fire sticks and a dilly bad to carry the prey in. Eric maintains the Dreaming Story through his art in the traditional way for future generation.



Learnt from father Yirawala

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