(b.1974, CHINA)

Yin Jun received his early artistic education from his family, especially his brother who briefly guided him during his art creations. He has been creating oils since 2004 and his works have a strong visual effect. Yin's works are characterized by some simple symbols such as a round head, a big mouth, nasal mucus and teardrops all over the sky - all these elements, along with exaggerated adornments cerate a strong visual effect and are all featured in his works They symbolize the openness of today's spcoety and he implants the adult's mind into the children's body and expresses the human emotions by crying - a common reaction of children.

Yin's poewrful and unconstrained style is based on his natural and naive characters. According to his remarks, he creates oil with a happy mind like a child and a clear head like an onlooker. 

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