Founded in 2004 with the vision to bring and support artists on the global stage, Wellington Gallery has transformed into the leading gallery for Asian contemporary art in Hong Kong from its humble beginnings. Originally a small space on Wellington Street, Wellington Gallery relocated to its current venue on Wyndham Street in 2007. Now in the heart of Hong Kong, the 2-stories, 2500 square feet space provides a relaxing atmosphere to view artwork in the best setting amidst the busy Central district.


Always bringing in new ideas and concepts from all around Asia, Wellington Gallery consistently provides its audience with top quality artworks from both emerging and established artists from China and other parts of Asia including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and more. Many artists have since achieved recognition by international museums and art experts. With 10 years of experience in Hong Kong, Wellington Gallery is a landmark for collectors and art lovers.


At Wellington Gallery, you can find the timeless portraits of FANG Hui, surrealistic and detailed paintings by LIU Baomin, powerful depictions of coal miners by CHEN Guangming, and many more. Our professional team is always ready to advise you with intimate knowledge about each of the artists and artwork to help you choose the right piece for the right occasion.


Wellington Gallery welcomes you to visit and share our passion for the many thought-provoking discoveries awaiting in Asian contemporary art.


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